Growth Over Comfort Challenge #1: Handling Interruptions

As leaders, we’re constantly presented with moments that challenge how we respond to others. When we find ourselves in situations that may be tense, unfamiliar, or even intimidating, will we make decisions that prioritize our comfort or are we brave enough to deny our comfort in favor of growth? Today’s challenge is all about how we handle interruptions. Watch or read the transcript below →


Hey everybody, my name is Courtney Jemison and I wanted to give you the first Growth Over Comfort challenge today.

Everyday as leaders, we’re presented with these moments where we can either choose to stay in our comfort zone, or we can choose growth. And one of those moments may seem a little insignificant, but we get interrupted during our days all the time. People pop into our offices or stop us in the hallway with questions, and we have a choice. We can either choose to lean into our tendency to maybe be a little irritated and want to continue with what we’re doing, or we can choose growth.

And my challenge to you today is to stop in those moments; to turn your entire body toward that person; to look away from your computer; and to lock eyes with them. Be present in the moment. Communicate with your body language that you’re open and willing to help them with whatever they need. Because our number one job as leaders is to help the people underneath us be successful in whatever they’re doing.

So today, let’s choose growth over comfort.