About Me & My Passion for Leadership

My name is Courtney Joy Jemison. I’m wife to my unwavering solid rock and safe place, John, and I’m mom to two beautiful quarter Koreans, Olivia and Ethan. I’m the Chief Creative Officer at Jonah Digital Agency in Texas and a passionate writer on the topics of emotional intelligence and selfless leadership.

I began my career like most others—at the bottom working hard and proving myself in an entry-level position. Four promotions, five positions, and six years later, I am now in executive leadership. By no means am I perfect, but I know what rapid growth looks like and what it takes to unlock the level of influence you’re aiming for.

Career success is not all about competency. When we learn to put our ego aside; become more emotionally intelligent communicators; and empower the growth and success of others, our personal growth skyrockets and we can’t help but bring others along with us. I’m driven to share my heart on these matters because I know there are many of you out there with a great capacity for leadership that may not always be surrounded by mentors who are exampling how to selflessly lead. I want you to have access to challenging, yet practical content that empowers your potential and helps you grow into the leader that others are inspired to run with.