The Real Wonder of a Woman

Wonder Woman definitely did not take the easy or expected road when it came to portraying the strength, power, and grace of a woman.

The real wonder in a woman is revealed when she is as soft as she is fierce. When she's independent, yet unafraid of connection. When she's driven, but shows deliberate restraint.

For some reason, society likes to portray women as strong by glorifying one characteristic and compromising another (I guess for added impact). Like when a woman is made to be driven, but she thoughtlessly walks all over others. Or when she is ultra-independent, yet she "doesn't need a man". This is not strength and beauty, it is a complex and compulsion to prove instead of just be.

This, unfortunately, is the normal Hollywood M.O. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a beautiful display of balance in the 2017 blockbuster, where powerful meant meek and softness meant strong.

That is the wonder of a woman—at least to me.